From an eagle's viewpoint – Inspirational tandem flying in Ellmau

Among the many summit adventures that beckon during your summer holiday in Tyrol, with a tandem paragliding flight you will enjoy an exceptional highlight that shows the region from a completely new perspective. This adrenaline-packed highlight for leisure-oriented guests who have a thirst for adventure whisks you off into lofty heights and provides you with the unique opportunity to feel like a Tyrolean eagle. As a passenger, flying with our experienced, top paraglider pilot Helmut Schermer, your flight through Ellmau's airspace will stay you with you forever. With more than 9000 flights and over 25 years of flying experience, this passionate paragliding specialist is almost more bird than man himself and he will show you how beautiful the Kitzbühel Alps are, as seen from way up high.
Tandem flight from the Hohe Salve

Your mountain summer in Hotel Der Bär

Your mountain summer in Hotel Der Bär
Your mountain summer in Hotel Der Bär

The Tyrolean mountain summer is best experienced around Hotel Der Bär. Discover your options for the perfect summer holiday. With our Hotel Der Bär-summer packages.

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