Of stepping stones and career opportunities

Work takes up half your life. That is why we focus on an providing our staff with a great work-life balance. At the same time we give all of our staff every opportunity to let their varying skills develop to the full. This means that anyone who works in the hotel Der Bär has an ideal starting point to enjoy a happy working life and can make the most of the fantastic future perspectives and promising opportunities for advancement in the tourist sector. The great ambience in the hotel and appreciative interactions makes the hotel Der Bär a 'well-being work zone' for interesting personalities from across the globe. Sound enticing? Then apply. Our doors are always open to people who have a passion for tourism.

"It is not just as a guest that you feel great all-round in the Hotel Bär."

Develop your talent - with a job in the hotel Der Bär

Community, team spirit and a superb working environment makes the hotel Der Bär the perfect base for an aspiring career in tourism. Many of our experienced staff, who have many years of services, provide fantastic opportunities to learn, while a variety-packed scope of duties ensures your every day working day is exciting. Staff also enjoy lots of discounts and a breath-taking array of leisure activities in the nearby area. Would you like to have a 'bearlike' - by that we mean 'fantastic' - work place? Then apply! We look forward to hearing from you.


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