Our restaurant – a feast for the eyes

As well as the traditional Bauernstube and our Kronenstüberl which has convivial fondue evenings, in our two new restaurants – the Kaminrestaurant and the Gartenrestaurant – guests enjoy wonderful spaces in which to enjoy delicious meals. And in keeping with that notion, the brand new cooking station means that every visit will be an experience. As the perfect 'concomitant' to your culinary flight of fancy, in the gourmet hotel Der Bär you get to enjoy perfect service in all our restaurants. Enjoy your meal!

What we like to serve up best of all is a really great time.


Gourmet cuisine meets excellent service

Variety-packed breakfast and salad buffet, speciality fish dishes and delicious meat dishes, vegan cuisine and veggie joy – chef Herbert Wieser playfully brings the best flavours under his one Toque and has been magicking up the finest meals for our guests' plates. By way of congenial accompaniment to the exquisite selection of meals, hotel sommelier Robert Lechner will choose a perfect wine - he has a great flair and vast amount of expertise, which enables him to intuit what everyone wants.

  • Kaminrestaurant
  • Traditional farmhouse parlor

All-inclusive in the hotel Der Bär

All-inclusive in the hotel Der Bär
All-inclusive in the hotel Der Bär

As a guest in the hotel Der Bär you don’t just get to enjoy a wonderful ambience, but plenty of comfort too. You can also look forward to many other lovely features. All-inclusive of course.

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