Particularly wild, particularly beautiful – the Wilder Kaiser

the Wilder Kaiser, with its jagged, rugged peaks is symbolic of the almost majestic quality of a Tyrolean mountain holiday in Ellmau. Together with its gentle brother – the Zahmer Kaiser – the Wilder Kaiser is one of the most beautiful mountain ranges in the Alps and has been conservation protected since the 1920s. The mountain flanks of this famous rocky massif reveal their rugged and rough sides, and everything that you get to experience around the Wilder Kaiser is so tempting and equally variety-packed too. 5000 years ago the first settlers took up residence in the region and even today the Wilder Kaiser exerts an incomparable allure to all kinds of people. In terms of tourism, the Wilder Kaiser was tamed in the second half of the 19th century, when the rocky massif was scaled by so many people, and to this day you can still hear all about the myths and legends surrounding this time in the region's inns. Apropos: Many guesthouses of that time have become wonderful hotels today, like the gourmet hotel Der Bär for instance, which has so many interesting stories in store for you.
  • Infinity pool with views
  • Balcony with views to the Wilder Kaiser

Your mountain summer in Hotel Der Bär

Your mountain summer in Hotel Der Bär
Your mountain summer in Hotel Der Bär

The Tyrolean mountain summer is best experienced around Hotel Der Bär. Discover your options for the perfect summer holiday. With our Hotel Der Bär-summer packages.

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