Tyrol's gourmet hotel Der Bär is known as being a venue for Ellmau's Toque-awarded cuisine

In the hotel Der Bär you get to enjoy the whole gamut of fastidious cuisine, from delicious regional treats to international gourmet meals. Precision and passion come together in our creative toque-awarded dishes and we have been awarded 14 points by Gault Millau – just exquisite. As well as the quality and freshness of the ingredients, creativity and quality in the preparation along with the balance of flavours, Gault Millau also highlighted the presentation of the menu, which 'comes from a kitchen that provides more than just the routine'. In view of such lovely compliments we were soon in party mood. And it is precisely at that moment that Robert Lechner, the perfect man for the task, comes into play; as a passionate sommelier he comes up with an ideal wine for any occasion and every meal and as a wine aficionado himself, he knows how to inspire time and again.

We always want to indulge your palate.

A variety of dishes for breakfast and salad buffet, speciality fish dishes and delicious meat dishes, vegan cuisine and veggie joy – Markus Feyersinger is our young and ambitious chef and brings the best flavours playfully under his hat, and has been magicking up the finest meals to serve to our guests. By way of a congenial accompaniment for this exquisite selection of meals, hotel sommelier Robert Lechner always chooses the perfect wines, thanks to his ample flair and extensive expertise, which enable him to anticipate exactly what every guest might want.

  • Toque-awarded cuisine
  • With attention to detail
  • Made with passion
  • The best for last

All-inclusive in the hotel Der Bär

All-inclusive in the hotel Der Bär
All-inclusive in the hotel Der Bär

As a guest in the hotel Der Bär you don’t just get to enjoy a wonderful ambience, but plenty of comfort too. You can also look forward to many other lovely features. All-inclusive of course.

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