Find the perfect route – while snow-shoe hiking in Ellmau

The unbelievable peace and tranquility that you get to enjoy while snow-shoe hiking during a winter holiday in Ellmau enables the hectic daily grind to recede into the distance. Footstep by footstep, stomp through the glistening winter landscape towards well-being and soak in the cold, clear winter air and the wonderful mountain panorama of the Wilder Kaiser mountain range. A fantastic territory of snow, ice and light around the hotel Der Bär is so great to explore. Whether it is on prepared paths or over untracked fields. With the perfect equipment and not much of fitness skills, snow-shoe hiking in Ellmau becomes an elementary experience. This centuries-old method of walking over snow-covered meadows yields gives you a long-lasting relaxation effect and means even 'non winter sports lovers' get to experience the beauty of the winter season. Your snow-shoe hike will be even more breath-taking on a clear, cloudless winter night, when the Milky Way provides a wonderful moment during your holiday.

Snow-shoe hiking and enjoying the views

Your winter holiday in the hotel Der Bär

Your winter holiday in the hotel Der Bär
Your winter holiday in the hotel Der Bär

Winter in Tyrol around the hotel Der Bär reveals its storybook side. Explore the options available for your perfect winter holiday, with the hotel Der Bär winter packages.

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